Renalyn A. Orzal

Renalyn A. Orzal

I am Renalyn A. Orzal I live in Naval Biliran Philippines . My family background is very poor and yes I’m not shy to say this because being poor and growing up from a Single Parent with 6 kids is so hard and this is not a shame but this gives me strength and inspiration to not surrender even how so much difficulties I’ve been facing . Because the experience of being poor when I was a child is scary for me I remember how difficulties our situation just to get some food to eat and when my mom is going to work in a rice field Her kids are going with her too to help her or when she went to any houses to washed clothes or cleaning the home so her kids are there too helping her and we are always happy because we got food to eat at the house owner, but this is not happening always so sometimes I went alone to the mountains with rivers to get something to eat like guava or looking for ripe papaya or ripe banana and then I don’t find this two food so I climbed up the high of coconut tree to get something to eat and I know this coconut fruit can help to lessen my hunger and when I will remember this, it makes me now happy that at a very young age I can make a way to got food it’s kinds dangerous but I survive. So when I got home I am so happy to bring fresh coconut and guavas to my siblings, now remembering when it comes from nothing to having enough meal in a days, now at the right age and all siblings growing up good and helping each other to make own income for the family and this I become more strong independent woman now and dreaming big to become more successful because one day I can able to help big my family and fellow poor people in this country because the situation of a poor family like us, I can imagine how they been through especially just to have food in their table and looking necessary daily basic needs for them to survive .

That is why I am so honored to be part on a board of this Christianity Organization the Pray Eat Work (PEW) my life got change beautifully ,strong spiritually and I know I live in this world with a purpose and this missions to bein unity with all other missionaries to fulfill what’s God’s wants to do for His beloved people and I believe this organizations is a blessing for poverty in our country.

This organizations will help lessen the numbers of poverty and this because with your love and support to this organizations. Moreover when this organizations recognize also to our Philippine President Bongbong Marcos Jr, Ido believes He will support this organizations because He has a very sensitive heart to the people in His county to make a better a place just like he said.

My goal for this organizations are helping the poor children’s to first gave foodto eat so that there tummy is not suffering from hunger.

To help them out of the sadness situation when they feel no one love them, but I know for sure there’s no parents let there kids feel that way, but I alsoknow some kids are having a feelings like this especially when they don’t getany love attention from there parents ,we will be there shelters and comforters. To teach them the love of a God Father to the children’s. And toteach them the good manners and a right conduct.

Our plan and idea for the better future for our children in this help organizations:

  • We want to build their school church function hall . Since we’re only doing the ministry in the old garage.
  • We want to provide them with school uniforms and school supplies for their studying.
  • We invites the parents to come make a free registration for their kids to let their kids going to Sunday school services.
  • We will have feeding program as well
  • We will provide vitamins medicine

Since there’s no children’s churches services in Biliran I think it’s a very good idea that any one of kids can come and learn and got toknow Jesus Christ and the God Father. This is so amazing and beautiful and I Thank God for this wisdom.

And I greatly appreciated and Thank you so much to all people who showed us their love and support for this organizations, rest assured thatall your shared blessings will be use it in a very useful way to our organizations. Because when we are all united to help the needy we can change the whole thing and we can create a good future to the children’s You’re all a cheerful giver and God’s loves that.

Maraming Salamat Po!

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