promote self-reliance

3. promote self-reliance

By helping people to help themselves, we mean rewarding people for their willingness and enabling them to make a living for themselves. In doing so, it is important that they deliver one hundred percent commitment and that as many more people as possible are granted a job. In 2018, PEW launched a meal delivery service. In 2019, we opened a store down the street. Since 2021,we have built a student café in the middle of Naval, where up to 15 people have found work.

Together with some young men, PEW plans to build a photovoltaic business.

With the high electricity prices, this is the future in countries with a lot of sunshine permanently. For this, we need more supporters to help the business.

For a good start for this business, we need a capital of EUR 25,000. This includes a vehicle, measuring equipment, tools and inventory as well as the establishment of a workshop with storage.

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