Gegen den Hunger

1. against hunger

One of the most important principles of charity is to give food and drink to those who have nothing. We believe that by doing so, human dignity can be restored.

We regularly witness what it means for many people to enjoy at least one day when they do not have to worry about food and water. In the certainty that we are doing the right thing, the tears of joy of the mothers and the smiling faces of the children in Leyte thank us. We hope to help more people by reaching out to them with food and showing them the love of God.

For our ever-growing Feeding Program, we need PHP 5,000 per 50 people, which is equivalent to EUR 90. With the equivalent of EUR 1,80 we can provide one person with food and drink for a whole day. (Only possible for Feeding, because we cook for many people).

We are also urgently looking for donors who would like to support Feeding on a monthly basis. We currently still need about EUR 1,000 per month. Even if you only help with small amounts consistently, the goal will be reached. Help us to keep the Feeding program growing.

Before the Corona pandemic, we were allowed to take up to 100 street children and children from families with very poor backgrounds into our care. Now (as of August 2022) there are over 1,000 needy children from poor backgrounds, street children and orphans on the island. We are trying to reach as much as possible. With your help, we can continue to expand this area.

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