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We welcome you warmly to our website.

We look forward to celebrating with you the fifth anniversary of our mission in the Philippines in 2022. The team would like to thank our many friends, partners and all those who have supported us so actively through help and prayer so far!

We believe that God chooses nations, people and people groups and gives them a calling to be a blessing to this world. We are committed to the Filipino people through our mission.

Our target group is people in need, especially children who are exposed to poverty and neglect. Those seeking help find a home with us and experience the fatherly love of God. They also receive basic supplies of food and medicine, as well as the promotion of their gifts.

Our organization also faced many challenges due to the Corona pandemic - yet we were able to experience God's guidance during this difficult time, and together we were able to reach even more children. We have big plans and challenges for the coming year 2023 - so we need more supporters.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our mission program or would like to support us. We welcome any suggestions and help.

Feel free to check out our website and sign up for our newsletter. We will also be happy to send you one of our new magazines.

We welcome invitations to your church or company to present the mission and help-yourself projects.

Steve Clark

Pray - Eat - Work


Prayer is not everything, but without prayer everything is nothing.

Because we believe in this statement, we have made "prayer" one of our three"pillars of help". Therefore, we take the responsibility and teach the children in understanding to God the Father.


Feed the hungry!

Without a basic supply of food and clean water, the recurring cycle of poverty cannot be broken. For this reason, we facilitate weekly feedings at our mission station. In addition we offer "Feeding on the move", especially when many BRGY were under quarantine we visited many villages and towns to distribute food on the spot.


Meaningful work leads to a dignified life.

We believe that the cycle of poverty can be broken if this principle is lived.

People will be able to live their vocation and help create a beautiful and livable place for themselves, their families and their guests. For this we are alread ycreating jobs so that the children of today, tomorrow will be led into work and not end up on the street like their parents.

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bedürftigen Menschen helfen

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Basic Medical Aid


Promote Self-Reliance


Expansion of the Possibilities


Ministry Hall


Purchase of our Mission Centers


Foundation of a Church for the children

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