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Mark A. Francisco

My name is Mark A. Francisco, living a life filled with the goodness and faithfulness of God for 25 fruitful years. I am currently residing at Brgy. Jamorawon, Almeria, Biliran. We are eight members in the family; I am the eldest child of Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo D. Francisco. My father is a pastor for 23 years. My siblings and I grew up having ourselves in the ministry. We were part of the music team.

Right now, I am part of the Pray Eat Work ministry in Sitio Lupa Brgy. Calumpang, Naval, Biliran

Interview with Mark:

Question: How you see the situation in Naval with need of feeding?
With my experiences during the feeding programs done in different barangays in Naval, I can say that these places are undoubtedly in need of feeding because most of the kids needed guidance through the word of God and good food to eat after listening to the Gospel.

Question: How do you see the development of PEW ministry in Lupa?
The feeding program takes place where the kids feel comfortable and entertained very well by the leaders and members of the ministry. For more development of PEW ministry in Lupa, I hope to see rooms solely intended forthe kids, and materials that they need during the feeding program. I also hope to see the kids to wear proper or decent clothes since they are attending the program and hear the words of God.

Question: What can we do more to help kids?
We can do more to help the kids by providing more support every Sunday meeting. We can incorporate spiritual development activities for the kids such as reading stories and verses from the Bible, memory verse, prayers, and etc. We can also provide help to them through supporting their studies; school supplies and school uniforms

What did happen spiritually?
I saw that the kids undoubtedly need the proper guidance since they do not yet have ample knowledge about the word of God. Through the feeding program, it provides them an opportunity to develop or improve spiritually. Personally, my experiences with these kids brought about steadiness and firmness with what I believe in and my faith in God.

What is your plan for the future and what do you expect?
My plans for the future is to invest more budget as it enable more feeding opportunities or programs to children every Sunday. Having enough budget for PEW Ministry will not only increase the number of children that we can help through feeding programs, but will absolutely provide other opportunities as well to the children such as on their academy. They can be scholars of our ministry until they graduate in Elementary. My expectations is none other than to have a vision from the Lord and put my expectations in Him as He is the only one capable to do great things for the ministry. I am expecting and claiming the victory with all the plans that we have.

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