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The Resort is the place where all 3 “Pillars Of Hope” come together.

It will become a destination for Christians who are looking for a spiritual adventure, a place for international churches who want to have a nice retreat and a home for local employees and missionaries.  We are also aiming to make this a place of blessing for all the locals around the area and hope that every employee and attendant can be as the bible puts it “salt and light”.

Prayer isn’t everything but without it everything is nothing.

Because we believe in this statement we made „Pray” one of our 3 „Pillars Of Help“. Together the local church and responsible workers will be the backbone of the Resort.

Feed the hungry!

Without a basic provision of food or clean water the recurring cycle of poverty cannot be broken. Because of this every family that will visit the church and every worker (including his family) of the Resort will be provided for with enough food and water to live on.

Meaningful work leads to a dignified life.

By living this principle, we believe the cycle of poverty can be broken. People will be able to live out their calling and help building a beautiful and habitable place for themselves, families and guests.