House construction

In the year 2017, we were able to gain first experience in the construction of homes on the Philippines.

Through these 2 projects we got to know local construction workers and companies that provide the necessary equipment as well as the materials. Because of these experiences we can say with full confidence that we know what challenges are expecting us and are looking forward to starting the new projects.

Helping others isn’t always easy, but it’s always good and necessary.


Feeding the hungry

One of the main keys of loving your neighbour is giving food to those who have none. By doing this we believe that human dignity can be restored.

In Leyte, we experienced up close and personal what it meant for many families to enjoy at least one day without needing to worry about food and water.

With the assurance of doing the right thing we were thanked by the tears of joy from mothers and smiling faces of children. Our hope is that we can continue to help more people by giving them food and showing them the love of God.