Palmen mit Feld im Hintergrund

Concept of P.E.W.

The whole concept is based on the principle: "Helping people to help themselves”.

To get started we are planning on building a Resort in an area where will purchase some land.The church which will be the center of the Resort and will be lead by those who have been trained by it.

The 3 Pillars

First Pillar


  • Everyday there will be a morning prayer led by church members

  • Every Sunday there will be a family service with kid’s ministry and English translation

  • Bible study groups for locals and visitors

  • Counselling sessions for Christians

  • “going to the streets” – ministry in the nearby areas

  • Fully financed training of the workers in bible schools

  • developing Smallgroups that have their focus on ministry

Second Pillar


  • Every attendant of the morning prayer or a church service will be provided with a free breakfast/lunch/dinner

  • Part of the Resort will be used as a place for planting/growing food

  • Every employee, visitor and guest of the church or the Resort will be taken care of

  • To show the love of God to the regions around the Resort we will be doing small aid missions to the poor and needy

Third Pillar


  • The employees of the church will also work in different areas in the Resort

  • Jobs will be provided for the construction of the Resort

  • Intern programms will be offered to any Bible school attendant